Food Favorites



The tacos here are the staple food item, coming with your choice of meat, lettuce, tomato, lime, corn, shredded cheese and the legendary Yallah Sauce. The meat selections are steak, chicken, shrimp, veggie, and fish.



Another popular item is our burrito, coming with rice, beans, tomatoes, corn, lettuce, Yallah Sauce, and your choice of meat. The rice bowl is just like the burrito, minus the shell.



The quesadillas are stuffed with your choice of meat, cheese, and a side of Yallah Sauce.


Monster Burrito

Do you love Yallah Taco, but the burritos are simply not bug enough? Then try a Monster Burrito, a burrito so big that anyone will be full after eating one of these beasts. There is the Godzilla, Kracken, Moby Dick, and King Kong. Check out Order Up to see all the options!


The nachos here at Yallah Taco are absolutely delicious! Coming with corn chips, salsa, lettuce, black olives, corn, queso blanco, jalapeños, and chipotle sour cream. The supreme nachos are fully loaded, coming with corn chips, salsa, lettuce, black olives corn, queso blanco, jalapeños, beans, guacamole, chipotle sour cream, and includes meat of your choice.